About Inspire!

October 1, 2016  |  8:30AM - 4PM  | Town & County Club, 22 Woodland St, Hartford


Do you sense your life can be so much more, but you aren’t sure how to get there?

Then INSPIRE! is most definitely for you!

Come to...

·  Discover what's holding you back from living a life you love

·  Learn five essential strategies to alleviate your struggle so you can flip your life right side up

·  Tap into your inner potential and be inspired to take immediate and deliberate action

Accomplishment AND fulfillment are NOT mutually exclusive. Both are possible when you have the right strategies in place!

Let’s get started on October 1st!

Meet and learn from the experts:

Host: Marge Piccini Speaker, Life & Legacy Design Mentor, Sales Expert

Recognized as the “Queen of Quantum Leaps” by her clients, Marge inspires high achieving women to move beyond their career struggles into an exciting, meaningful and fulfilling life path.

After a 25 year career as an award-winning sales professional for a Fortune 100 Company, where she ranked in the top 5% of her industry and sold nearly $1 billion in products and services, Marge traded her accomplished and high stress career for an inspirational entrepreneurial adventure helping other accomplished high stress women to redesign their life and career. Her unique CATAPULT program leverages her own life and career transformation experience and her extensive business development expertise and takes the women she works with farther than ever imagined. 

During the retreat, Marge will show you how to begin to make significant work/life changes. With the best tools, strategies and mentorship in place, you, too, can have it all! 

Speaker: Alicia Daw - Owner and lead photographer at Alicia Ann Photographers. Alicia  was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut and spent five years as a young adult living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Somewhere between strolling the streets of Yale University as a little girl and exploring the old cobblestone roads of Europe as an adult, Alicia developed a love for architecture and what it represents. There are the stones that are laid carefully, built on a solid foundation. There is the time spent meticulously carving into the masonry to sculpt something breathtaking. So much of the architecture she fell in love with inspired the development of her brand and her business. After all, success requires all those exact things - a solid foundation, time invested, and a careful attention to how breathtakingly beautiful it can be.


Panel: Courageous and Tenacious Women


Lisa Davenport - Principal and lead designer of Lisa Davenport Designs (Durham, CT and Bonita Springs, FL) has been designing fine interiors and exteriors in Connecticut, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Watch Hill, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Florida for over 20 years.

Lisa’s roots run deep in her hometown of Durham, CT. She loves sharing her own little ‘Mayberry’ with her clients and followers. Lisa’s “modern meets traditional meets salvage” design style is a true reflection of her personality, values and way of life.  www.lisadavenportdesigns.com

Kim Pita - This great journey called life is filled with amazing possibilities and new beginnings, yet can be so tough when our minds are cluttered with anxiety and worry. Kim Pita was able to cast aside her innate fears to flip her life upside down and inside out. Her personal journey includes growing up in a divorced family when divorce was rare, the tragic drug-induced death of her younger sister who struggled with mental illness, surviving her own divorce after 17 years marriage, walking away from the multi-million dollar marketing agency she founded, and finally starting over again as a co-parent to two children, writer, brand consultant and inspirational speaker. Kim leverages the wisdom and knowledge gained from, sometimes, messy life experiences to help transform industry pioneers, small businesses and family-owned companies from chaos and uncertainty to harmony and prominence. Kim will share her touching story of transformation, resilience and finding mental clarity.  www.pitapeaces.com  www.peaceofpita.com

Leesa Schipani - Change Leader and Business Growth Expert to Prestige Brands. Leesa’s distinct background in sales, service, human resources and change leadership make her a valuable asset to prestige brands seeking to add millions in sales to their top line revenue targets. A woman of great strength and humility, Leesa’s moving story will inspire you to action.  www.linkedin.com/in/leesaschipani

Leadership Lessons from the Experts

L. Kay Wilson - Founder & CEO Maverick Leadership Institute, Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Attorney, HuffPost Blogger. Dedicated to the positive evolution of power dynamics Kay’s vast body of work is impressive and her message delivery is awe-inspiring!

Marilyn Dayton - Marketing Pro, Blogger “From Glam to Gram”, TV Show Host “From This Corner TV” and former World’s Top Model (50’s & 60’s). Prepare to be dazzled! Every conversation with Marilyn Dayton is inspiring.

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery - Founder of Sacred Intelligence LLC, Pastologist (Ordained Minister and Psychologist), Author “Sacred Intelligence: The Essence of Sacred, Selfish and Shared Relationships." A devoted change leader, Pastologist Terrlyn shares a refreshing new perspective on spirituality, relationships and personal development.

Niyi Taiwo - Author “Top Ten Laws of Respect”, Speaker, Trainer, Thought Leader and Creator of the EKTIMIS Respect Model. Simplifying and demystifying the seemingly complex topic of respect is the foundation of Niyi’s noteworthy work.


8:30am - 9:00am
Registration, refreshments and connecting!

9:00am - 11:00am  
Host Marge Piccini
Tapping into your Inner Potential to Inspire and Ignite
a Life and Career/Business you Love

11:00am - 12:00pm
Leadership Lessons from the Experts

A variety of short lessons to enhance your leadership effectiveness

Lunch is served

12:30pm - 1:00pm
Guest Speaker Alicia Daw 
The Magic Formula for Creating a Meaningful Life

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Panel: Courageous and Tenacious Women Panel
Featuring , Lisa Davenport, Kim Pita, 
Leesa Schipani, 

2:00pm - 4:00pm
Host Marge Piccini
Defining your Best Next Step and Success tips for making your intentions stick


The inspiration for the Inspire Women's Leadership Retreat...

What I've learned from working with so many inspiring and amazing women in my life is...

...we need each other!
...we crave inspiration and ideas! 
...we seek courage by example!
...we desire the life we’ve always imagined!
...we sense the heightened urgency as each year passes!

BUT... we are always just too busy to make it happen!

So I decided to create an opportunity to step away from your work and stress, get back in touch with your heart and soul, and commit to make decisions you know you need to make. 

Come to be enveloped in beauty…
When I began thinking about a place for this inspirational retreat, I imagined a beautiful New England setting with an intimate and peaceful ambiance. That’s exactly what I found at the Town & County Club. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Come to hear inspiring stories…
You’ll laugh and cry with some of Connecticut’s most successful women, who will share personal stories about their challenges and triumphs. Each one has tackled major life decisions leading to paramount pivots in their careers. You will learn how their lives have been enriched with new passion and purpose.

Come to be in sisterhood…
You’re not alone. You’re definitely not crazy. You’re actually in the midst of a major life upgrade. It seems so challenging because it’s new for you. On May 11th you’ll discover why this transition is harder than previous ones in your life. Learn to navigate your life upgrade so it feels less like a burden and more like a celebration. 

Come to be inspired…
If you come with an open mind and heart, you will feel 1000x better than if you enjoyed a bubble bath, massage AND yoga class. Get ready to soak in all the wisdom! Only 50 spots are available for this rare women’s retreat. Make it a girlfriend’s day off from work and invite your best friend to come along. 

Come to be acknowledged...
This is a true gift to YOU! I hope you will join me, along with some of the most inspirational women I know and love. Reserve your spot today!